Mylan public health patient advocacy
One of the most powerful ways to serve patients in need is by speaking out on their behalf.

Mylan works with government, trade associations, healthcare providers, patient-advocacy groups and others to shape policies that help people across the nation enjoy better health.


Mylan has a decades-long track record of expanding people’s access to medicine, particularly by making more-affordable generic versions of brand name drugs – expertise we’re now bringing to biologics, insulins and other complex medicines.

  1. Helped establish the generic industry’s first trade association

  2. Helped give rise to legislation creating the modern generics industry

  3. Helped modernize Medicare, including the introduction of a prescription-drug benefit

  4. Led the way to ensure one quality standard for all medicines sold in the U.S.

Mylan 19 piechart

In 1984, Generic drugs made up only 19% of prescriptions dispensed in the U.S.

Mylan 90 piechart

In 2017, they made up 90% of prescriptions dispensed

The introduction of just 11 biosimilars in the U.S. could save the nation’s healthcare system $250 billion over 10 years.

Mylan has about 20 biosimilar and insulin analog products on the market around the world or in development.

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Addressing an important need in schools

Epinephrine is the only first-line treatment for anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.
  • Several years ago, we recognized that epinephrine auto-injectors needed to be as accessible as defibrillators are in public spaces.
  • Since then, Mylan advocated for legislation to permit “undesignated” epinephrine auto-injectors in schools – meaning a prescription could be in a school’s name rather than in a child’s name and any individual experiencing an anaphylactic reaction would have access to the epinephrine autoinjectors.
Today, 48 states have adopted such laws, and Mylan has donated more than 1 million epinephrine auto-injectors to more than 73,000 schools around the country.

Stemming the Tide of HIV/AIDS

Helping those in need is a gift that benefits everyone. Mylan is the world’s largest producer of HIV/AIDS drugs.


of all people worldwide being treated for HIV/ AIDS depend on a Mylan antiretroviral product.


of Mylan’s active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing capacity is devoted to antiretrovirals.

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