Innovating to Meet Unmet Needs

At Mylan, we have a long tradition of innovation.

In fact, we’ve invested more than $3 billion in R&D globally over the last five years. And whether we’re developing more affordable versions of insulins, biologics or respiratory therapies, better health for a better world is our goal.


Investing for Now and the Future

Innovation occurs around the clock in multiple R&D sites worldwide. Mylan has:

2 Global R&D Centers
including one in West Virginia
10 Tech-Focused R&D sites

including one in Texas and one in Vermont


R&D, Clinical, Medical and Regulatory professionals worldwide

patents filed globally
more product submissions pending approval worldwide
Mylan beaker

Challenging the Status Quo

Mylan africa children

Mylan takes on challenges no one else will, developing innovative, cost-effective and patient-friendly treatments for diseases like cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and more.

For example, lack of refrigeration once meant lack of access to certain antiretroviral (ARV) medicines for millions of HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries. Our scientists responded by making heat-stable formulations.

And Mylan's innovations go way beyond medicines. Our services and patient-support programs address a wide range of health issues.


Delivering Medicine the Way Patients Need It

Mylan products
Mylan has the capacity to produce:

oral solid doses, such as tablets and capsules


units of injectables


units of complex products, such as transdermal patches, topical products and respiratory therapies

From tablets and capsules, injectables and ointments to inhalers and transdermals – Mylan provides patients the medicine they need, the way they need it.

Data as of Q2 2018

Driving Access to Advanced Treatments

Mylan is known for producing "difficult-to-develop" medicines. Many are used to treat diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes.

Mylan has ~20 biosimilar and insulin analog products on the market or in development worldwide.

Mylan BiosimilarImage

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