Committed to Access

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life, including you.

That makes our mission very personal. After all, everyone we’re trying to reach is somebody’s friend, neighbor or family member, including our own. In fact, our quality products probably are in your medicine cabinet now.


Substantial U.S. Savings

In 2016, generics filled 89% of all prescriptions dispensed in the U.S., saving our healthcare system billions of dollars.

$253 billion

in savings from all generics in the U.S.

$25 billion

in savings from Mylan generics

Mylan knows people are concerned about the price of prescription drugs. So are we.
That’s why we continue to leverage our heritage as a generic drug manufacturer.

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U.S. Portfolio

Mylan pills

Mylan filled more prescriptions in 2016 than AstraZeneca, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi COMBINED.

Medicines You Need

Mylan offers medicines that address a range of health concerns around U.S. from the common cold to serious diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, respiratory conditions and Alzheimer’s.

25¢ per dose
the average selling price in 2016 of Mylan’s medicines in the U.S., branded or generic.
2nd largest provider
of prescriptions dispensed in the U.S.
>635 distinct products
are offered by Mylan in the U.S.
Mylan Rx

Mylan is a leader in the fight against many of our nation’s most prevalent diseases.


people diagnosed with cancer each year in the U.S.

Mylan is one of the largest suppliers of cancer medicines by volume in the U.S.

~1 in 10

women aged 20 and older have diabetes

Mylan is a leading producer of oral diabetes medicines.


people receive ARV treatments in developing countries.

>40% of all patients globally being treated for HIV/AIDS depend on a Mylan product.


From Our Medicine Cabinet to Yours

The majority of Mylan’s doses sold in America are manufactured in America.*

Mylan has one of the industry’s broadest pipelines with >200 applications pending approval at FDA

In the last 5 years, Mylan launched more generics than any other company.

*Manufactured from domestic and imported components

Mylan does everything possible to make sure our life-changing medicines are always in stock where patients – and their doctors, nurses or caregivers – expect them to be. Peace of mind is great medicine too.

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